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TalentOcean is a Skills Based Assessment & Hiring Platform, currently being re-designed for Professional Appraisals, Job Seekers, Hiring Agencies, Recruitment Representatives and other organizations who need skills-based professional appraisals, job recruitment or role assessments.

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Peer comparison through appraisalsAre you an IT project manager who wants to know how you are performing against your peers? Not sure of which training course you should invest in next?  TalentOcean can help you! By taking the TalentOcean project management assessment, you’ll be ranked across our 22 Excellence Standards. These have been devised by subject matters experts and project management professionals, developed to establish the core of an IT project management role. Some of them are personal skills, others are professional skills and we’ve included a large amount of project management competencies, too. Your assessment is usually completed in less than 75 minutes and most people complete it comfortably within that time. There are no right and wrong answers – just select the answer that closely matches what you would normally do in that scenario. Once you are done, you’ll get a copy of your results in the TalentOcean Insights report. This will indicate your strengths, and weaknesses, are. That may help you decide how best to invest in yourself for your long term aims and objectives. Your report is yours to do with as you wish. You could decide to use it in addition to your current resume to stand you out as someone a little different when applying for jobs that are not on TalentOcean – or you could upload it to your LinkedIn profile:

A job seeker iconComing  Early 2023: As a project management professional, when a project comes to an end you want to find the next role as quickly and easily as possible. If you work as a contractor, you want to minimise the downtime between contracts and have the peace of mind that you have the income to pay your mortgage, buy groceries or take that family vacation you have been dreaming of. Most people start looking for a new role while they are employed but in recent years traditional recruitment methods have turned the job search into a full-time job with a long-drawn-out journey to be followed as you search through generic job boards for the relevant roles and Tailoring resumes | Following redundant processes to upload resumes and complete application forms | Carrying out the various screening tests | Receiving countless vague rejection emails before the interviews start….

With TalentOcean we aim to turn that process on its head. We make the journey as expedient and transparent as possible so that you can enjoy the destination of a new role as quickly as possible. We have defined 22 Excellence Standards across both Personal and Professional skills as well as competencies critical to effective Project Management. You sit an assessment of those skills and competencies just once every time you change roles (6 months or more). TalentOcean uses your answers to create on online profile for you, which you can download for use with your resume for other job searches, anywhere. Your profile details your strengths and insights to where improvements can be made, in an ideal world. How you rank is then compared to the attributes that each TalentOcean role has against it. When there is a close match – and you are available – you are automatically proposed for the role. Your details are sent to recruiters, anonymously. This is so that unconscious bias is not allowed to enter the process – you no longer need to worry about gender, race, religion, disability and other aspects affecting your prospects. With TalentOcean Insights, interviews tend to be a single interview not up to 5 rounds, as the cultural fit is already established and your skills, experience and potential are objectively matched to over 100 data points. Selection processing is conducted by the provider and they will reach out to you if you have been shortlisted.

  • No more resume updates.
  • No more cover letters.
  • One place to search.

Hiring manager iconComing  Early 2023: The traditional recruitment process is a long drawn-out affair:
Writing the job description. | Writing the job advert. | Briefing the external agencies (and note the plural – there are typically 3-4 agencies used per role) | Reviewing resumes | Sorting out psychometric tests / personality tests / aptitude tests to organise. | Telephone screenings. |  and this list goes on… That process also assumes that the recruiter has Project Management experience so that they know if a resume is relevant or not. But that is not always the case. TalentOcean uses an algorithm across 22 Excellence Standards, to evaluate each candidate and compares their skills to your requirements. You are then able to search and download anonymous profiles to build your own shortlist. A typical 3-4 month recruitment period is shortened down to a month or less (although co-ordinating diaries for the interview can still be an issue). Overall, there is less time recruiting, and projects that are delivered quicker and make you more flexible.

Money Saving

By using skills-based hiring, you could recruit in-house for the cost of a TalentOcean Pass. Altogether, much less than a recruiter’s fee (normally 15-25% of the first year’s salary) without considering your internal time costs saved. In addition, by using TalentOcean the risk of taking on the wrong person for your company, the role or the culture is vastly reduced, lowering employee churn. Each recruitment process has visible costs, recruitment agency fees – but also hidden costs: The hours of HR time. | Recruiting manager time. | The onboarding time when the new employee is still coming up to speed. | Delays in your projects which impact on the success of the company and profitability. No employee joins a company thinking that they want to leave straight away, as moving roles is a risk for them too. Churning is no good for anyone, least of all your brand image.

Increased HR Job Satisfaction

Recruiting is a time-consuming activity. It is seen as unavoidable, but no-one really relishes the traditional approach. By using TalentOcean, that recruitment process can be reduced so that your shortlist is delivered directly. That will mean that you could either reduce the number of people in your HR team to benefit the bottom line or, alternatively, your HR people can be HR in its wider sense by concentrating their time on: Learning & development. | Employee wellness programmes. | Evaluating morale and motivation. | Putting action plans into place for improvements. | Proactively mapping career succession plans, reducing churn.

Building Diversity and Inclusion in as standard.

We all make judgments about people within a few seconds of meeting them. We do not necessarily change that judgment, because sometimes it will prevent us from getting to know them any better. The same thing happens when resumes are reviewed – we make judgments based on an individual’s name, where they went to school / college, their career history, their gender – and all of that before we consider their experience and skills. TalentOcean prevents that from happening because TalentOcean Insights are anonymous when first delivered. There is no requirement for a resume – the traditional job description method has been greatly enhanced to make it fairer and more transparent for everyone. TalentOcean focuses on how an individual fits with your organisation and the role for which you are recruiting. Let TalentOcean help you remove unconscious bias.

Recruitment agency workerComing  Early 2023: You know that you are up against other recruitment agencies, so that your client can keep fees down. You also know that you are only paid if one of your candidates is hired. Why not tip the balance in your favour?

Using TalentOcean skills-based hiring platform, you can pull up a shortlist of available candidates in minutes and be at the first interview stage whilst other agencies are still sifting through resumes from the advert they put up on LinkedIn, Indeed or wherever. They are trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack – but you have already done that. It means that you are spending less time on filling each role, so your productivity increases, and your clients are happier. TalentOcean uses an algorithm across 22 Excellence Standards, to evaluate each candidate and compares their skills to your client’s requirements. You are then able to search and download anonymous profiles to build your own shortlist. Every candidate has been pre-assessed and you will have access to download their full profile, containing more than enough information for you to make informed decisions – or to pass on to your clients for selection or interviews:

Staff Appraisals IconComing  Early 2023: With performance management at the core, how do you protect your business from claims of discrimination? That is where TalentOcean Insights helps you out. Having each of your project management employees take the appraisal, you enter your criteria and review their anonymous results. From there, you can make objective business decisions without recriminations, automatically adhering to your Diversity and Inclusion Policies. Whether it is annual reviews, internal promotions, internal canvassing for vacancies – or if your company is in the unfortunate position of downsizing and you need to take your strongest staff forwards. TalentOcean uses an algorithm across 22 Excellence Standards, to evaluate each of your staff’s skills. Each assessment contains more than enough information for you to make informed decisions – with or without personally identifying information about the individual:

Pre-hire assessment iconComing  Early 2023: As an employer or a recruitment consultant, you want to make sure that you have the choice of the best candidates out there. But finding them is complex. If you had not heard of TalentOcean, you may have advertised on a generic job board. That would have led to unqualified people applying for the job because it is only one or two clicks on many job boards – so what do they have to lose? They don’t have anything to lose – but you are overwhelmed with hundreds of applications. How do you contend with that volume – especially if you have no project management expertise? Let TalentOcean help – you can have the candidates complete the TalentOcean appraisal – those who are unqualified will probably not even go through that part of the process. Then you would set up your criteria and let the platform automatically show you the most suitable candidates. TalentOcean uses an algorithm across 22 Excellence Standards, to evaluate each candidate and compares candidates to your specifications: