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We all know that professional evaluations and pre-hire selection processes costs time and effort. Whether it’s for a new role you are recruiting for on behalf of a client or internal position, staff performance reviews – or for some other reason, TalentOcean Premium Services cut those costs and your effort – and provide industry professional insights for all of your participants.

If you would like to learn more about the soft-skills and practical competencies of your job applicants or staff – TalentOcean Insights provides you with exactly that. Using over 100 data points that include our Excellence Standards for a role, you receive comprehensive appraisals for all your participants. Additionally, you can objectively compare, rank, filter and qualify your participants for your own purposes.

If you have a professional vacancy to advertise – TalentOcean Roles enhances your job description with our standardized Role Specification and recruits on your behalf. Using our Excellence Standards with your requirements, your role will be matched with new applicants and existing TalentOcean Professionals using TalentOcean Insights. We provide you with the means to unbiasedly evaluate your staff or shortlist suitable individuals, without having to spend hours and hours trawling through CV’s or resumes, keywords, tests and profiles.

Written appraisals for professionals are based on the approach and the responses participants provide after registration, when completing a TalentOcean professional assessment.

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With TalentOcean Roles our experts will review, enhance, convert, publish, canvass and promote your Job Specification with our fully-assessed professionals over a 14-day period. With over 100 reference data points investigated and compared by our industry professionals, we ensure that candidates are ranked and matched prior to providing you with Insights for suitable individuals. We use our unique Excellence Standards to ensure that you get the right fit for the role on offer:

Roles follows a very simple step plan to your success:

Within TalentOcean Insights, things couldn’t be simpler: you send a registration link and your Service Code to participants – and we do the rest! Once your participants are registered, they will complete a comprehensive professional assessment and you get a full appraisal of their skills and experience in various formats. With multiple participants, Insights allow you to compare, assess and shortlist candidates, applicants and other individuals for selection purposes. Take a look at the example below to see the depth of information provided for each person:

Insights follows a very simple step plan to your success: