Recruitment Agencies

You know that you are up against other recruitment agencies, so that your client can keep fees down. You also know that you are only paid if one of your candidates is hired. Why not tip the balance in your favour? You can either use our Premium Services or subscribe for your own TalentOcean Pass as described below.

Using TalentOcean, you can pull up a shortlist of available candidates in minutes and be at the first interview stage whilst other agencies are still sifting through resumes from the advert they put up on LinkedIn, Indeed or wherever.

They are trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack – but you have already done that. It means that you are spending less time on filling each role, so your productivity increases, and your clients are happier.


TalentOcean uses an algorithm across 22 Excellence Standards, to evaluate each candidate and compares their skills to your client’s requirements. You are then able to search and download anonymous profiles to build your own shortlist.

Image showing all the fields in an advanced search through TalentOcean

Within TalentOcean Insights, you can select specific candidates and purchase named profiles, containing single page and full profile details for each individual (click to download a demonstration copy (PDF):


Improve your bottom line: if you find your clients the right people for their PM roles promptly, they will come back to you time and again. You won’t have to fight against other agencies – you will be the first port of call. You won’t need to spend as much time trying to get on prospective client’s PSLs, they will be seeking you out. And all because you use TalentOcean Insights.

For example: If there are three recruitment agencies are competing for the same role, only one will be successful. By law of averages, your efforts will be only 1/3 successful and that 15-25% of first year’s salary is really more like 5-8%. By using TalentOcean and having that advantage, that fee of 5-8% grows to 10-17.5% or higher. It means that your profits increase over time, with the same effort. It could be that you decide to reward your loyal clientele by reducing your fees as you know that even if you drop to 10-20% that you are going to outperform that 5-8% that you have achieved previously:

Increased profit model for recruitment agencies
  • Your turnover goes up
  • Your margins go up
  • Your repeat business goes up

Welcome to the new way of matching candidates for your roles – welcome to TalentOcean!