Professionals Looking for a Job

As a project management professional, when a project comes to an end you want to find the next role as quickly and easily as possible.

If you work as a contractor, you want to minimise the downtime between contracts and have the peace of mind that you have the income to pay your mortgage, buy groceries or take that family vacation you have been dreaming of.

Most people start looking for a new role while they are employed but in recent years traditional recruitment methods have turned the job search into a full-time job with a long-drawn-out journey to be followed:

  • Searching through the generic job boards for the relevant roles
  • Tailoring resumes
  • Redundant processes to upload resumes and complete application forms
  • Carrying out the various screening tests
  • Receiving countless vague rejection emails before the interviews start…

With TalentOcean we turn that process on its head. We make the journey as expedient and transparent as possible so that you can enjoy the destination of a new role as quickly as possible.

We have defined 22 Excellence Standards across both Personal and Professional skills as well as competencies critical to effective Project Management. You sit an assessment of those skills and competencies just once every time you change roles (6 months or more).

TalentOcean uses your answers to create on online profile for you, which you can download for use with your resume for other job searches, anywhere. Your profile details your strengths and insights to where improvements can be made, in an ideal world. How you rank is then compared to the attributes that each TalentOcean role has against it. When there is a close match – and you are available – you are automatically proposed for the role.

Your details are sent to recruiters, anonymously. This is so that unconscious bias is not allowed to enter the process – you no longer need to worry about gender, race, religion, disability and other aspects affecting your prospects. With TalentOcean Insights, interviews tend to be a single interview not up to 5 rounds, as the cultural fit is already established and your skills, experience and potential are objectively matched to over 100 data points. Selection processing is conducted by the provider and they will reach out to you if you have been shortlisted.

  • No more resume updates.
  • No more cover letters.
  • One place to search.

Welcome to the new way to find a job – welcome to TalentOcean!