Professionals Looking for an Appraisal

Do you want to know how you are performing against your peers? Not sure of which training course you should invest in next? That is where TalentOcean can help you. By sitting an appraisal, you will get TalentOcean Insights, showing you how you rank our 22 Excellence Standards. Those Standards have been devised by subject matters experts and project management professionals, developed to establish the core of an IT project management role. Some of those are personal skills, others are professional skills and we’ve included a large amount of project management competencies.

The assessment is usually completed in less than 75 minutes, but you can stop and re-enter the process if you wish. Most people complete it comfortably within that time. There are no right and wrong answers – just select the answer that closely matches what you would normally do in that scenario.

The TalentOcean Insights report you will receive indicates where your strengths, and weaknesses, are. That may help you decide how best to invest in yourself for your long term aims and objectives. Your report is yours to do with as you wish. You could decide to use it in addition to your current resume to stand you out as someone a little different when applying for jobs that are not on TalentOcean – or you could upload it to your LinkedIn profile.

Here is an example of your full appraisal (click to download a demonstration copy (PDF)):
And don’t forget – at any time, you can activate your availability and start matching for open roles on TalentOcean. As there is no charge for the feedback, why not register for your appraisal right now?

Welcome to the new way to get your own personal insights – welcome to TalentOcean!