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Posting a vacancy through TalentOcean Roles is probably a new experience for you. Unlike the traditional way of creating job postings, where:

  • Job descriptions are composed of recycled elements from generic templates.
  • Application or qualifying processes can lead to subjective or unconscious biases.
  • Applicants responses or resumes/CV’s can heavily influence selection processes, where they are either very well – or very badly written or presented.
  • Where the volume of applicants drives processing by keywords or key phrases where exclusions are applied too liberally.

We really need you to consider and define the type(s) of individual you are looking for along with the characteristics an individual needs to integrate into a team and company culture. The Role should prioritize the skills and experience as defined within our Excellence Standards.  Once completed and published, we will provide you with the best-suited professionals using our custom-developed selection algorithm which matches all of your skills and experience criteria with every professional in TalentOcean:

  • Basic Information: This section describes the general requirements for the Role – location, language and visa requirements, etc. Also in this section – if required – you can copy/paste your original job specification in full.
  • Interview Questions: This section is where you can pose up to 5 questions for each applicant to answer.
  • Candidate Profile: This section requires your input into the high-level expectations for the role.
  • Candidate Breakdown: This section is vitally important, as you define the skills and standards required of the applicant.

Status: You can change the status of your TalentOcean Roles posting here. You can keep as many vacancies in a “Draft” status as you need – once a Role “Published“,  you will be directed to your account for completion. After publication, your Role will automatically revert to “Completed” after 14 days.