Coming Soon: We need Pre-Hire Assessments

New features – coming soon:

As an employer or a recruitment consultant, you want to make sure that you have the choice of the best candidates out there. But finding them is complex. If you had not heard of TalentOcean, you may have advertised on a generic job board. That would have led to unqualified people applying for the job because it is only one or two clicks on many job boards – so what do they have to lose? They don’t have anything to lose – but you are overwhelmed with hundreds of applications.

How do you contend with that volume – especially if you have no project management expertise?

Let TalentOcean help – you can either use our Premium Services where we do the work for you, or you can have the candidates complete the TalentOcean appraisal – those who are unqualified will probably not even go through that part of the process. Then you would set up your criteria and let the platform automatically show you the most suitable candidates. TalentOcean uses an algorithm across 22 Excellence Standards, to evaluate each candidate and compares candidates to your specifications:

Image showing all the fields in an advanced search through TalentOcean

Within TalentOcean Insights, you can select specific candidates and purchase named profiles, containing single page and full profile details for each individual (click to download a demonstration copy (PDF):

You only pay for the candidates that you download from the shortlist and save yourself lots of time in the process removing that sifting stage, the qualification phone calls, replacing the multiple rounds of interviews with one interview.

Welcome to the new way of evaluating external candidates – welcome to TalentOcean!