Coming Soon: We need our Internal Staff Appraised

A new feature – coming soon: With performance management at the core, how do you protect your business from claims of discrimination? That is where TalentOcean Insights helps you out. Having each of your project management employees take the appraisal, you enter your criteria and review their anonymous results, or if you wish, you can use the Premium Service [link to Premium Service landing page] and we’ll do the analyse for you. Either way, you can make objective business decisions without recriminations, automatically adhering to your Diversity and Inclusion Policies. Whether it is annual reviews, internal promotions, internal canvassing for vacancies – or if your company is in the unfortunate position of downsizing and you need to take your strongest staff forwards.

TalentOcean uses an algorithm across 22 Excellence Standards, to evaluate each candidate and compares your staff’s skills to your requirements:

Image showing all the fields in an advanced search through TalentOcean

Within TalentOcean Insights, you can select specific candidates and purchase named profiles, containing single page and full profile details for each individual (click to download a demonstration copy (PDF):

And – with your registration – you have the whole of TalentOcean open to you for future project management requirements.

Welcome to the new way of evaluating your staff – welcome to TalentOcean!