IT or HR Managers with Positions Available

The traditional recruitment process is a long drawn-out affair:

  • Writing the job description.
  • Writing the job advert.
  • Briefing the external agencies (and note the plural – there are typically 3-4 agencies used per role).
  • Reviewing resumes.
  • Sorting out psychometric tests / personality tests / aptitude tests to organise.
  • Telephone screenings…

That process also assumes that the recruiter has Project Management experience so that they know if a resume is relevant or not. But that is not always the case. TalentOcean uses an algorithm across 22 Excellence Standards, to evaluate each candidate and compares their skills to your requirements. You are then able to search and download anonymous profiles to build your own shortlist. A typical 3-4 month recruitment period is shortened down to a month or less (co-ordinating diaries for the interview can still be an issue). Overall, there is less time recruiting, and projects that impact the bottom line are delivered quicker and make your organisation more flexible.

Money Saving

By using the Excellence Standards, you could recruit in-house for the cost of the TalentOcean Pass. Altogether, much less than a recruiter’s fee (normally 15-25% of the first year’s salary) without considering your internal time costs saved. In addition, by using TalentOcean the risk of taking on the wrong person for your company, the role or the culture is vastly reduced, lowering employee churn. Or you could use our Premium Services where we do much of the work for you for a lower fee than a recruitment agency.

Each recruitment process has visible costs, recruitment agency fees – but also hidden costs:

  • The hours of HR time.
  • Recruiting manager time.
  • The onboarding time when the new employee is still coming up to speed.
  • Delays in your projects which impact on the success of the company and profitability.

No employee joins a company thinking that they want to leave straight away, as moving roles is a risk for them too. Churning is no good for anyone, least of all your brand image.

Increased HR Job Satisfaction

Recruiting is a time-consuming activity. It is seen as unavoidable, but no-one really relishes the traditional approach. By using TalentOcean, that recruitment process can be reduced so that your shortlist is delivered directly. That will mean that you could either reduce the number of people in your HR team to benefit the bottom line or, alternatively, your HR people can be HR in its wider sense by concentrating their time on:

  • Learning & development.
  • Employee wellness programmes.
  • Evaluating morale and motivation.
  • Putting action plans into place for improvements.
  • Proactively mapping career succession plans, reducing churn.

Doesn’t that sound like a great reason to use the ConnectingPM solutions?

Building Diversity and Inclusion in as standard.

We all make judgments about people within a few seconds of meeting them. We do not necessarily change that judgment, because sometimes it will prevent us from getting to know them any better. The same thing happens when resumes are reviewed – we make judgments based on an individual’s name, where they went to school / college, their career history, their gender – and all of that before we consider their experience and skills. TalentOcean prevents that from happening because TalentOcean Insights are anonymous when first delivered. There is no requirement for a resume – the traditional job description method has been greatly enhanced to make it fairer and more transparent for everyone. TalentOcean focuses on how an individual fits with your organisation and the role for which you are recruiting. Let TalentOcean help you remove unconscious bias.

Welcome to the new way of matching candidates for your roles – welcome to TalentOcean!