Here at ConnectingPM, we recognize that finding the right candidate for an IT Project Management role is not a simple task – and it is frequently very time consuming. More often hiring and recruitment agencies and personnel or HR departments spend weeks – or months – searching and qualifying potential candidates with a set criteria for a role, based on delivery requirements. We recognize that it is difficult to know what to look for in an individual for an IT project management role, without having the experience and knowledge of a seasoned IT project manager. Our Excellence Standards are the skills, competencies, behaviours and abilities someone needs to be effective or successful in a role.

That’s why we include our Excellence Standards at the core of our Services – for Masterclasses, Personal Coaching and Consulting. Where each element of every service relates to the skills and competencies of an individual – removing unconscious biases and getting to the core of those things which are important for recruiters, hiring agencies, individual and organizations. And that’s why our Personal Coaching starts with a full assessment of an individual’s skills, directly related to our Excellence Standards.

We will also be providing the means to fully evaluate the skills and knowledge of all of our candidates within TalentOcean (coming in early 2023), allowing you to match roles and positions with their skills and experiences. Through a series of real-life scenarios, every professional candidate is assessed across 22 core skills and competencies essential for IT project management, developed by our senior project managers. A professional’s assessment is first scored on the basis of their initial responses – then a secondary appraisal process mechanism is applied, to provide you with insights into that professional, as an individual – and as an IT project manager. With the right role criteria to hand, we can help to reduce your selection processing from weeks or months – to hours…

Personal Skills

 These are the fundamentals of an individual – it’s what makes them tick. As a solid basis for building on professional and practical skills, they lay the groundwork for how a person approaches the essentials required to be productive in any operational environment. Here is a flavour of what we look for, within our assessment and appraisals.

Full colour versatility skill icon

Versatility That the individual is able to orchestrate doing many things well. That they are open when presented new ideas or changes. They remain focused when transformations occur. They understand change may occur due on the basis of completed tasks. They can deduct, frame and apply themselves in different circumstances.

Full colour cooperativeness skill icon

Cooperativeness That the individual is productive when working with two or more parties. They have the ability to work well with others during conversations, projects, meetings or other collaborations. They can be judged and not take criticism personally, instead seeing it as an opportunity. They demonstrate an openness to learn and improve. Their perspective is always to add value. They enjoy working with others. They understand there is no “I” in team. They are only a part of a larger plan or strategy.

Full colour cultural awareness skills icon

Cultural Awareness That they may have attended training for global citizenship. They look to bridge the culture gap with good communication skills. They practice good manners. They celebrate traditional holidays, festivals, and food. They observe and listen to foreign customers and colleagues. They pay attention to difference in culture. They are aware of different time zones and can apply their planning activities accordingly.

Full colour discipline skill icon

Discipline That they are organized and consistent in how they work. They look for consistency in people and oversight. They look for processes, methodologies and guidelines to maintain structure and expectations. They value your time. They are considerate of others time. They deliver on time for your commitments. They are able and willing to train or do what is needed for the task, project and/or team. They persevere through struggles and challenges. They consistently give their best attempt. They are driven by working productively. They commit 100% to any Task, Project or Goal. They work every day with intent and focus on their tasks. They are able to prioritize to avoid missing any expectations.

Full colour integrity skill icon

Integrity That they are free of deceit. They are truthful without regard to their own feelings. They tell it exactly as claimed. They are dependable and follow through on commitments. Their actions are without malice despite any undesirable results. They do the right thing during bad times. They hold themselves accountable and own up to their own shortcomings.

Professional Skills

These are at the core of any profession, for an individual. They display a person’s experience and knowledge in being articulate, courteous – and to provide their skills and services in a professional manner.

Full colour Communication Skills icon

Communication Skills That they speak appropriately to a variety of people. They demonstrate a varied vocabulary that is tailored to the language and understanding of their audience. They are able to listen effectively. They are articulate and present ideas appropriately. They are able to write clearly and concisely.

Diversification That they are able to expand into markets and industries not currently explored by adding new products, services, or features that will appeal to the customers in these new markets. They act accordingly to encompass any process of being transformed into a different form. They are able to adapt easily to changes in both environment and infrastructure.

Full colour industry knowledge skill icon

Industry Knowledge That they demonstrate expertise and accreditation in the market which enhances their capability of making good decisions and providing good advice to others. They have completed professional training and hold the  professional certifications they have achieved.

Leadership That they are able to act or influence the guiding and the direction of people or an organization. As process of influence, they maximize the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal. They are adept at showing the way to others and set expectations by their actions.

Full colour management skills icon

Management Skills That they display their collective use of skills to facilitate planning, communication, delegation, decision making, problem-solving and motivating others. They demonstrate their professional acts or manners of directing and controlling, to run their team within an organization to achieve desired business objectives.

Full colour professionalism skill icon

Professionalism That their status, methods, character or standards are those expected of an experienced and competent person within a business. That their quality of skill is extraordinary or with high standards. They are able to express or imply affirmation, agreement, or permission in a settled way of thinking or feeling about something. They are adept at establishing and maintaining positive relationships. They are able to make responsible decisions and solve challenging situations and set and achieve positive goals. They also demonstrate being prepared and ready to do or deal with diverse situations, issues or incidents as they occur.

Practical (IT Project Management) Skills

These are the skills and experience that make up the role and purpose of an IT project manager, in a professional environment. With a wide range of delivery skills and elements – coupled with the right skills to drive a project, each aspect of a person’s practical skills are carefully assessed and appraised, providing insights on where that person would be the right fit for a well-defined job, position or role.

Full colour integration management skill icon

Integration Management That they ensure all of a project’s work elements are coordinated – this area includes project planning & execution processes. That they are adept at creating, maintaining and developing the project charter, the project management plan, integration management plans and associated tasks to combine people, processes or technologies.

Full colour scope management skill icon

Scope Management That they ensure the processes that limit and control the work included in a project are continually conducted and monitored. This includes the project definition, deliverables, staffing, timelines, goals, milestones and other aspects of scope management for IT projects.

Full colour schedule management skill icon

Schedule Management That they possess the necessary skills  to ensure timely completion of the project, including activity (task) definition and sequencing processes. This also includes task allocations at team and individual levels, with pre-defined expectations, in line with the business delivery schedule and keeping all parties appraised of the status of the project as it progresses.

Full colour cost management skill icon

Cost Management That they demonstrate their abilities in planning, estimating and controlling costs so that the project can be completed within the approved budget; includes internal and external resource planning and cost budgeting.

Full colour quality management skills icon

Quality Management That they demonstrate their ability to ensure the result of a project meets the needs for which the project was executed; includes quality planning, assurance, and control. This may include experience in methods for TQM or ISO standards, where necessary or defined.

Full colour resource management skills icon

Resource Management That they demonstrate their abilities in organizing and managing the project team; includes training, aligning on project objectives and goals, defining roles in the project and assigning project team members within those roles.

Full colour communications management skill icon

Communications Management That they are effective in linking people (including team members and stakeholders), ideas, and information throughout the project life cycle; includes timely generation and collection of information along with its proper dissemination and archival.

Full colour risk management skill icon

Risk Management That they have demonstrated their abilities to identify, analyse and properly respond to project risks (opportunities and threats). This includes elements such as; scope creep, change controls, staffing shortages and similar risks to the success of a project delivery.

Full colour procurement management skill icon

Procurement Management That they have demonstrated their abilities in acquiring the products, services, or results from an external source; includes contract management and control processes necessary to administer contracts, properly managing the buyer/vendor relationships, and managing the project’s obligations to the business.

Full Colour Stakeholder Management Skill Icon

Stakeholder Management That they have demonstrated their abilities in identifying people, groups and organizations who will be impacted by the delivery of the project and ensuring they are kept up to date on progress and key milestones / phases of the project and are included in decision making throughout; includes identifying, planning, managing and monitoring stakeholder engagement.

Full colour project management tools skill icon

Project Management Tools That they have stated their abilities to use PM tools to plan, collaborate and track projects including breaking down tasks, allocating task duration, resources and budgets; managing dependencies between tasks, tracking the project throughout the duration and modify dates, resources and tasks accordingly if changes are required and communicating with the project stakeholders in an organized manner to ensure optimal success in the delivery of the project while also keeping a full historic record of all actions.