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ConnectingPM are the creators of TalentOcean  – a platform that helps companies revolutionize their traditional recruitment and professional development methods. We prioritize the needs of our clients and use a skills-based approach to modernize hiring, performance evaluation and organizational change. Our platform utilizes data analytics to provide unbiased and actionable insights for managers, recruiters and HR professionals, helping to optimize professional development and improve business processes.

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Supporting Individual Excellence
Personal Coaching Programs
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Consulting Services

Our Masterclasses demonstrate business excellence using real-life scenarios to breakdown key issues and provide insights and guidance. We work collaboratively with attendees to maximise their experience. Each masterclass is supported by a Discussion Forum for peer-to-peer support.


We start with a review of your individual needs and then provide coaching specifically to your requirements. Currently, we offer personal coaching for Project and Program Management and Digital Transformation Management. More areas will be added in the future.


Starting with an initial review of your business needs and then building a program for you. We offer consulting in the following areas: Recruitment & Hiring Agencies moving to skills-based hiring, Project and Program Management and Digital Transformation.

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TalentOcean will be our online professional assessment and recruitment selection platform, matching the proven skills and experience of an individual with the requirements or performance expectations of a role. Our project management experts carefully curated each assessment using the ConnectingPM Excellence Standards and real-life working scenarios to objectively evaluate the skills, experience and potential of a Professional:

Our Excellence Standards make up over 100 data points and serve as the foundation of how we objectively evaluate Professionals, create quantifiable and measurable Job Descriptions, and match Professionals to skills and competencies that are critical to the role and culture of a business. The TalentOcean platform will enable professionals and clients to anonymously search, filter, and rank themselves, their staff or job applicants against an objective set of standardized data points for a role. Transform your future and let us help you remove unconscious biases against age, gender, religion, cultural background during the evaluation of Professionals for a role and register for TalentOcean today!

TalentOcean drastically reduces the time it takes to create, quantify, qualify, filter, compare and down-select professional candidates for open roles. With our Excellence Standards at the core, defining a requirement and matching skills and competencies for a role can be reduced from days or weeks – to just minutes:

Meet the Team

Heather has managed & consulted on projects in over 25 countries and delivered billions in value: she knows what makes projects and programs tick!
Adam specialises in technologies for Project and Program Management, Customer Experience, Digital Transformation and Unified Communications.
Nirmala is a whiz at design and marketing, with fresh ideas and innovative designs for our marketing, products and services, with stunning results.